Housework = Pain

Do you remember the post I wrote a few weeks ago about getting the laundry done? I got it washed, dried and sorted but never really put it away. Ya see, I needed to rid the closet of all clothes that no longer fit my growing body. Only problem is, I never quite got around to it. I spent last week hanging out with my momma and getting baby shower stuff done. Today I was too sick to get out of the house before my husband would be late for work so I stayed home to tackle this beast:


Note the wall of pants and knee deep pile of clothes on the floor. I worked from 9:30-2:30 almost non-stop. I got all of the clothes on the floor sorted out and what wouldn’t fit packed away, went through the pants and packed up anything that didn’t fit now or wouldn’t fit soon, went through all the shirts, packing up anything that won’t fit and sorted the gigantic pile of clothes that you didn’t see behind me in the picture. I still need to hang the rest of the clothes, but it looks a lot better.

The hangars on the shelf are waiting to be used.

Given all the work I did, it’s no wonder my body has been hurting. To be honest my pubic bone and lower middle back have been killing me for awhile now. I’ve been trying to rub it and sit on a heating pad on low, but nothing seems to be helping. Can I tell you how hard it is to massage the top of your pubic bone when your andomen is expanding outward! I considered taking some tylenol today but didn’t end up doing it. I have an appointment with my pelvic pain doctor on Monday and I will ask her if I can do anything else other than the African wrap she showed me last month. I might need some sort of back support.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom or advice on back pain? Keep in mind I also slightly fractured my back falling down the stairs almost 2 years ago.


8 thoughts on “Housework = Pain

    • I know, right!!! I seriously packed up about 98% of my clothes between the closet and dresser. Thankfully my sister loaned me some maternity clothes and my hubby bought me some clothes over the weekend or it would be more sparse than what is now.

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  1. I’m really sorry about the pain.
    Please take it easy. Even though it’s just clothes, based on the picture it was a lot and must have had you standing for a while.

    No bending and twisting to lift, no crossing your legs, no sitting on the floor or sitting twisted, no sitting or standing for long periods
    lifting heavy weights, no vacuuming and no pushing heavy objects or carrying anything in only one hand.

    Pace yourself as you do your daily routine and once again, TAKE IT EASY!

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  2. I don’t know enough about back injuries to be much help. But, I will say that prenatal yoga and a chiropractor that specializes in prenatal care were game changers for my pelvis and back. The chiropractor did something called a Webster maneuver and released my round ligaments which made an immediate difference.

    Good luck! I hope you find a solution!


  3. Stretch!!!! I have been having back pain since about week 7. From my pubic bone through my entire back. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor but she has shown me some amazing stretches. Child’s pose is amazing, also you can do a lunge then stretch both of your arms to the sky and add a small side bend towards the knee that is bent. You’ll feel the stretch along your hip bone (but I promise it’s benefitting your back too). Also, lay flat on your back on either side of bed, then swing your right or left leg over your body and let it hang off the bed, you should feel the stretch in your lower back near your hip. These are all very gentle and not deep at all. I cracked my tailbone many years ago and they think pregnancy is aggravating things, as well as my hips being stuck together for so long. Hopefully you can find something that helps! Good luck! Lots of rest lady!! XOX


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