The Dreaded Has Happened

Everyone has those things in pregnancy that they really dread happening. For me, it happens to be stretch marks and getting a fat face. I don’t know why I dread these things. I know that they are most probably going to happen. Stretch marks are an unavoidable thing I feel like because I have so many scars on my belly that are stretching beyond their capabilities. I don’t know where the fat face thing comes from, but I still am worried about it.

A few days ago I was at my parents and out of the blue my mom says, “your face is getting fatter.” She wasn’t being mean or saying it in a negative way, but I started bawling. I figured with all the puking I’ve been doing, my face was probably getting a pretty big workout. I took to google looking for face workouts…….couldn’t find any. It’s happening and there is no way to stop it.

Last night I was examining my changing body in the mirror. I am happy to report I am finally a member of the linea nigra club. I’ve been waiting for that brownish seam to appear for a long time now. I also noticed that my hips and thighs have greatly expanded. I am not used to my thighs rubbing together when I walk (although there is nothing wrong with it) but it’s been happening a lot lately. I was examining my ass when there it was! Several small stretch marks running horizontally right smack dab in the middle of my butt cheek. It’s my own fault they are there. I’ve had lotions, creams and salves since finding out I was pregnant…..I just haven’t used them. My dear sweet husband offered to give me a full body mini massage while rubbing in lotion because I was so sad. My belly isn’t marked up yet, so I think there is still time. I know they are coming, and I will wear them proudly when they come. Until then I am going to do my best to keep them away 🙂


7 thoughts on “The Dreaded Has Happened

  1. What got me was when I happened to notice all of the stretch marks on the underside of my belly! This was with my daughter and I thought I didn’t have ANY stretch marks. Ha! The underside looked like some kind of screwed up map!

    I will be wishing you a thin face and as few stretch marks as possible!

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  2. I’m with you on the “thighs rubbing together” experience. It happened to me the other day when I was wearing loose comfy pants all day! Then that night I had to turn my fuzzy PJ pants inside out because the seams were rubbing together. Just another fun thing to add to the list!

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