14 Week Bumpdate

Week 14 started out pretty rough….. I found myself spending the day in Ob intake getting fluids and antinausea meds pumped through my veins. I fainted the night before and almost once at the hospital. I am glad to say that the rest of the week went a bit better. This update is 14 weeks to 14 weeks 6 days

How Far Along? – 15 weeks 1 day

Current Weight/Weight Gain – Pre pregnancy weight was 101.6, Current weight is 104.2……weight gain thus far: 2.6 pounds

Meds Taken? – 4mg folic acid supplement, 200mg progesterone suppository, 12.5mg phenegran taken every 6 hours, 25mg Atarax taken every 6 hours and trying a medicated patch for nausea control, 12.5mg Phenergan suppositories and a prenatal

Baby Size? – Baby is the size of a peach, measuring 3.5″ and weighing 1.5 ounces.

What Happened With Baby This Week? – Thanks to brain impulses, baby’s facial muscles are getting a workout by squinting, frowning, grimacing, and sucking the thumb. Baby’s kidneys are producing urine which baby is inhaling. Baby’s body is now growing faster than its head and arms will have grown to a proportional length. Baby is covered in a fine downy layer of hair known as lanugo. Baby’s liver has started making bile and the spleen has started to help make red blood cells.

Symptoms? – big on the front this week has been some crazy dreams. Most of them somehow involved my murder, but there were a few injuries to my family as well. My breasts have become really tender again and have grown another cup size. Looks like the medium bras I bought a few weeks ago will need to be traded in for larges. I can feel what I assume to be my uterus sitting level with my belly button (if it isn’t my uterus it’s a really hard something right there). Headaches and dizziness continue but I haven’t actually passed out again. I have also noticed an increase in heartburn this week. As much as I would like to say I’m not nauseous anymore, that is continuing as well. I have noticed that my abdomen is becoming increasingly tender (which isn’t helping wit my chronic pelvic pain) and my hips and back constantly ache.

Cravings? – Still not craving anything.

Best Moment This Week? – feeling baby tumbling around in my belly. I’ve been feeling him or her for a bit now but it was really noticeable throughout the day this week.

Looking Forward To Next Week? – Spending time with my momma and hubby

Belly Picture Starting waist – 27″ current waistline 34″ up 1/2″ in a week and 7″ overall. My stomach has definitely rounded out some more though.




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