Running List of Things to Avoid In Pregnancy

I thought I would help some of you newly pregnant and soon to be pregnant women out with a list of things to avoid while pregnant……or at least reveal all the things that have kept me running.

1. Meat
2. Anything cooking
3. Citrus fruits
4. Any fruit or vegetable
5. Other people’s body odor
6. Your own body odor
7. Baby’s diapers
8. Movie theater lobby
9. Mall food court
10. Any aisle in the grocery store
11. Sunny D
12. Water
13. Soggy cereal
14. McDonalds pancakes
15. Sit down restaurants
16. Dirty laundry
17. Your husbands socks
18. Your socks
19. Gas pump fumes
20. Doctors office waiting room
21. Sweetened beverages
22. Fruit juice
23. Smoothies
24. The gym
25. The bathroom
26. Soap/shampoo
27. The trash
28. Febreeze
29. Candles
30. Anything mint or ginger flavored
31. Pop tarts
32. Antacids
33. Pretzels
34. Tomato products (salsa and pasta sauce)
35. Peanut butter and honey lays sticks
36. Jelly
37. Apple butter
38. Anything in the school lunch room
39. Hand sanitizer
40. Ultrasound gel
41. Lotion
42. Aloe Vera
43. Dirt
44. The oven
45. Smoke

This is just a small list of things that my nose picks up that my stomach can’t handle. What was the worst smell/taste to you?


7 thoughts on “Running List of Things to Avoid In Pregnancy

  1. So far the only thing that has really killed me is frying bacon! Blech. But it’s still super early. I know you are probably tired of unsolicited advice but you might want to try fermented cod liver oil (I know… But it is awesome), with magnesium, and maybe acupuncture. I have such a weak stomach but have only had like two waves of nausea thus far and I really think the magnesium / cod liver has something to do with it. Besides they’re excellent for baby anyway! Then again it is still so early for me so I might be eating (and regurgitating!) my words here soon! Just want you to feel better 😦

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    • Thank you for the advice. I unfortunately cant do cod liver oil or any fish at all due to an allergy. I have pretty much come to the conclusion that this is how my pregnancy will be throughout and all I can do is try to eat through the hyperemesis and hope something sticks. Now that Im not working I am hoping it will get a bit better as Im not in constant motion.


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