Exciting News

Last week, or maybe it was two weeks ago, the high risk OB prescribed Phenergan suppositories to help with my constant vomiting and inability to keep the nausea pills down. The pharmacy called that same day saying that the prescription would be over $650 with insurance, and asked if I wanted to go ahead and fill it. I of course cannot afford $650 for a weeks worth of anti-nausea medication and asked around for a cheaper option.

I stumbled across a website that I have used in the past to check medication prices. It’s http://www.goodrx.com. The website compares the cost of medications at the pharmacies nearest to your location so you can hopefully get a better deal. Well, it turns out that Phenergan suppositories are included in their prescription discount drug card. According to the website, if I gave the pharmacist the member number, group number, and bin number it would drop the cost of 30 suppositories down from over $650 to just under $30. I called the pharmacy and it worked! They didn’t have the full 30 in stock, but are filling what they do have and ordering the rest.

Moral of the story……always compare prices and see if you can find a better deal. By doing some research I was able to save $620 and hopefully some relief from the nausea. Now if only I could find a coupon for rent!


12 thoughts on “Exciting News

      • Gotcha, so your using the suppositories then? I take those at night (the pill form) cause it helps me sleep and not wake up nauseas in the middle of the night. Hope it helps you. Are you working? I know you’ve been crazy sick and so I was wondering about your work situation. I had to tell my work early cause I needed to drop some days to get through the first trimester being so damn sick.

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      • Yes, I take the pill in the morning and trying the suppositories at night. Last night I fell asleep in the bathtub it knocked me out lol. I am currently working but will be taking a medical leave of absence hopefully starting Monday. The nausea and vomiting is pretty bad, but I also work in a pretty violent classroom and it isn’t safe for me or baby. That’s a whole ‘nother can of worms.

        I did tell the classroom teacher I work with as well as the principal at 4 weeks because I was originally supposed to come back from thanksgiving break on crutches having just had surgery……which was cancelled due to being pregnant. They have had 9 weeks to prepare and no one has done a thing to keep me safe.

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      • Im sorry about your terrible work situation love and your morning sickness. I doubt i have it as bad as you but today my wife told me to drop most my days of work for a few weeks so i dont have to keep calling in. Who knew it could be like this?! Becareful with those meds, sleeping in water is not a good thing! Your much smaller than me so i bet they make you sleepier than they do me.

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  1. That’s awesome!!! Hope it works for you, ad sorry the patches aren’t working so well anymore. I really hope that you just get past all this very soon!! I think about you often, hang in there!

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