High Risk Ob Appointment and Upcoming Happenings

I had two different appointments today: one for trigger point injections in my belly, and one with the high risk Ob. I must say, thus far I am throughly discouraged by my prenatal visits. I guess I thought they would be much more spectacular than they have been.

The trigger point injection went well. She was hesitant to do the muscles between my legs but was able to get the nerve next to My belly button. The painful spot has moved up, which is to be expected. I also learned how to wrap myself with a scarf in something called a fa ra, which is commonly practiced in Africa. My pelvic girdle has already relaxed which is causing pelvic distress and slippage. I am to wrap a scarf around my back and underneath my belly to provide support. If this doesn’t work they will have to get me a pelvic brace.

The high risk Ob appointment went well, but wasn’t what I thought it would be. We talked a lot about puke and asthma. The doctor gave me a prescription for phenegran suppositories so I can’t throw them up as well as a prescription for a different inhaler that should help me breath a whole lot better. The doc also listened for baby using the doppler. Baby was very active and kept moving but we were able to hear the heart. The heart rate was a bit higher than they would have liked so I was monitored for a bit but everything is ok. They think that baby is just very active and was panicked a bit from the monitoring but they are keeping an eye on it.

I have the nt scan scheduled for next Friday, and then go back 2 weeks from today for a follow up Ob appointment and then 6 weeks for another trigger injection.


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