Major Decisions in Baby Land

I knew that with parenthood came a lot of decisions. I didn’t realize how stressful those decisions are though!! We have waded through some of the more difficult (I think) decisions and have reached a somewhat agreement.


1) I will be feeding breast milk through the first year of baby’s life. My plan (God willing) is to breast feed when baby is hungry and also to pump and get a milk stash for future months. The easiest and cheapest way we have discovered to do this is little trays that are designed to freeze breast milk in 1 ounce sticks and place them in Ziploc freezer bags. I will need to either purchase a deep freeze or split the cost of one with my parents in order to freeze enough milk to last through the first year.

2) We will be mostly cloth diapering our little person the majority of the time. I was cloth diapered and asked my mom how hard it was. She said it wasn’t bad, just a load of laundry a day. After looking at what my sister has spent on disposables for my 7 month old nephew, cloth diapering is the way to go. I am further saving money by making one sized cloth diaper covers and then getting the cloth diaper prefolds from Walmart for stuffing them. I will get into the details in a future post, but basically the cost breakdown of self made cloth diapering is going to be roughly $90 to get from birth through potty training, rather than $1700-$2400 for disposables in the same timeframe. We will be utilizing some disposables mostly when we are going out in public and probably when baby is newborn. When the umbilical cord falls off we will switch to cloth.

3) Our views on circumcision will remain private for now. We have made up our minds based on religious and personal beliefs, but would rather not get into a debate regarding whether or not we have decided on circumcision. If you would really like to know feel free to send me a private message (but know our choice for our child is ours)

4) We have decided to forgo a bassinet and go straight for the crib. Since we are most likely staying in our one bed apartment until the lease is up in November, we are going to turn the dining room into a mini nursery (well getting rid of the dining room table and adding a crib and dresser for baby). We can see where the crib will be from our bed so keeping an eye on the wee one should be pretty easy.

That’s it for now. I’m sure more decisions will come and go and I will share those as they happen. If you know of a decision we are going to need to make please let me know.

On another note, here is a pic from week 5 vs week 11. I have grown so much!!



9 thoughts on “Major Decisions in Baby Land

  1. We made all our decisions public on my rainbow blog, if you are curious. That being said, whatever your choices are, as long as you do t push your belief one way or another onto another parent, who cares! Lol. We are all doing what we feel is best, and nothing gets me angrier than soneone feeling THEIR decision is what is best for everyone else too. As I look at it, can you look at a randpm guy on the street and tell if he was breast/bottle/formula fed or circumsized or not? No? Exactly, because it really doesnt matter as long as he had a loving family. 🙂

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  2. Oh man…yes, there are a ton of decisions, but it is so easy to get overwhelmed by them all! Here is two for you–research the antibiotic eye ointment they usually put on all newborns at birth and cord blood.

    Good for you guys to be on it with all these decisions so early! I’m excited for you!

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  3. Love the commitment to your ideals and beliefs. Please do not make them definite and must haves for fear that there could be a let down if all doesn’t go as planned. I planned on bf’ing and it was a miserable experience and there was a ton of guilt to the point where I’m still trying to pump a few times a day so he is getting something. It can be hard. Same with a birth plan. I literally threw mine out as soon as they admitted me. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer, just a realist. I don’t want others to be as disappointed as I was.

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    • Thank you for your input. I do realize that my plan may very well fall flat on its face, with both the feeding and diapering. As far as my birth plan goes: our only plans are 1)no epidural which i cant have anyways due to my spine issues and 2) get the baby out healthy. They will have numerous drugs available to help me stop bleeding afrerward. I would prefer natural but if I jave to have a csection so be ir


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