10 Week Bumpdate

Oh my god! I can’t believe I have made it through 10 weeks. Pregnancy certainly isn’t anything I imagined it would be. This update is for 10 weeks to 10 weeks 6 days

How Far Along? – 11 weeks

Current Weight/Weight Gain – Pre pregnancy weight was 101.6, Current weight is 102.6……weight gain thus far: 1 pound (how it’s only 1 I don’t know)

Meds Taken? – Spring Valley Prenatal gummy with DHA and folic acid, 4mg folic acid supplement, 200mg progesterone suppository, 12.5mg phenegran taken every 6 hours, 25mg Atarax taken every 6 hours (I haven’t been as good at taking my prenatal this week but before you judge me I have spent most of my time in front of the toilet)

Baby Size? – Baby is the size of a kumquat (what the hell is that?) measuring 1.25 inches and weighs a little less than .25 ounces

What Happened With Baby This Week? – Baby has completed the most critical portion of development. Tissue and organs are rapidly growing a maturing. They are starting to function on their own. Tiny nails are forming on baby’s fingers and toes, and peach fuzz is beginning to grow on baby’s skin. Baby is now swallowing fluid and kicking up a storm. Baby’s limbs can now bend and and the hands are flexed at the wrist. Baby’s spine is visible through its skin and starting to stretch to form the spinal cord.

Symptoms? – the vomiting has continued to get worse. I am able to keep more food down for longer periods of time, but it eventually comes back up resulting in spending more time in front of the toilet. During week 10 my mouth has been incredibly dry when I wake up to the point that my lips crack and bleed and my throat is sore. I don’t know if the sore throat is from so much puking or the dry mouth. Smells are still really bothering me. When I use the restroom I get pretty bad cramps.

Cravings? – Lucky Charms

Best Moment This Week? – Hearing the baby’s heartbeat on the doppler

Looking Forward To Next Week? – Second high risk Ob appointment

Belly Picture I re-measured my mid section and I have grown from a measly 27 inches around to 33! Geez I’m getting bigger fast! P.s. Ignore the outfit. I was in bed and realized I didn’t have a week 10 photo.



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