The difference In a year

It’s so funny how much can change in a year. I remember this day lay year as if it were only yesterday. I spent all day at home getting pretty for my husband. We went downtown with my husbands bestie and drank the night away. Two weeks later we found out that not only were we pregnant, but we were in the midst of a miscarriage.

To say that 2014 had its ups and downs would be an understatement. If life were a roller coaster I would say we had a pretty good ride. I struggled pretty hard core with infertility and feelings of inadequacy. I shut myself off from the outside world and let in the blog world.

We started off the year with a miscarriage and we are ending the year almost done with the first trimester. I can’t believe how much has changed! This year my husband and I will be going downtown again. I will be drinking sprite and we plan to catch the 9pm fireworks. We will most probably end the year watching Criminal Minds until I fall asleep (long before midnight) and wake up to a new year.

Happy new year ladies and gents…..may you find peace and joy in the new year.


6 thoughts on “The difference In a year

      • I was hopeful for you and feeling your intense frustration and disappointment. My stepdaughter is wanting to get pregnant again (has 1 daughter,age 3) and seeing all around her pregnant, expressing her frustration and angst. Anyway, I remember the feelings and while I hoped for the best for you, the journey seemed so painful (physically and emotionally) that I waited a while to check back in.

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